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  • Before You Rent or Sign a Lease--Tips for Renters

    Tips for prospective renters. You can also listen to a recording this LawHelp item. Click on the title for more. Read More

  • Collecting a Judgment in Small Claims Court

    If you won your small claims case, congratulations! Find out more here about how to collect a small claims cout judgment in First City Court for the City of New Orleans. Procedures may be different in different small claims courts around the state. Content Detail

  • Practical Advice on Housing Law

    This ABA webpage offers "Practical Law" information on different legal problems, including housing problems such as buying, selling or renting. Content Detail

  • Flood and Fire Victims' Rights as Tenants

    Common questions asked by tenants who suffer flood or fire damage. Check out also the item on this site about getting your landlord to make repairs: "Repairs: what can I do when my landlord won't make them." Read More

  • How to Get Legal Help/Como Obtener Ayuda Legal

    Information in English and Spanish about how to get help from programs that offer free help to qualified people. Lea aquí para aprender cómo obtener ayuda gratis con problemas legales, ayuda de los programas para las personas de ingresos bajos. Content Detail

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  • Leases--Common Questions

    Questions and answers about leases and what a tenant should think about before signing a lease. You can now listen to a sound recording of this LawHelp item. Click on this item to find out more. Read More

  • Rent

    When must your landlord accept late rent? Can you deduct repair costs from rent? Find answers to these and other questions in this article. Now you can also hear a sound recording of this LawHelp item! Click on the title to find out more. Read More