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Who We Are

ALSC is a private, non-profit law firm which provides free legal assistance in civil cases to low-income residents of most of southwest and central Louisiana. ALSC assists elderly residents regardless of income.  The Alexandria office generally helps residents of Avoyelles, Rapides and Vernon, and helps people 60 and over in these additional parishes:  Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle and Winn. 

General Contact Information

Acadiana Legal Service Corporation (Alexandria Office)
1808 Jackson Street (map)
Alexandria, LA 71301
Toll Free
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Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > First Amendment Rights (Expression, Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly & Petition)

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Housing Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Native American Issues

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Open Meetings & Public Records

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Other Civil Rights

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Patriot Act

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Police Stops, Searches & Arrests

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Prisoners' Rights, Prison Conditions

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Right to Privacy

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Voting Rights

Consumer Issues > Automobiles

Consumer Issues > Bankruptcy

Consumer Issues > Contract & Warranty Problems

Consumer Issues > Credit Reports & Credit Access

Consumer Issues > Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

Consumer Issues > Foreclosures, Home Loans, Scams

Consumer Issues > Identity Theft

Consumer Issues > Insurance & Other Consumer/Finance

Consumer Issues > Loans & Installment Purchases

Consumer Issues > Public Utilities: Gas, Electricity & Telephone

Consumer Issues > Telemarketing, Phone Fraud & Internet, Cellular Phones and TV Service Issues

Consumer Issues > Unfair Sales Practices & Consumer Fraud

Disability > Assistive Technology

Disability > Disability Access and Accommodation

Disability > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Disability > Education Rights

Disability > Estate Planning

Disability > Interdiction

Disability > Medical Benefits

Disability > Mental Health & Developmental Disability

Disability > Other Discrimination

Disability > Power of Attorney

Disaster Relief > Consumer Issues: Loans, Contracts & Banking

Disaster Relief > Education Issues

Disaster Relief > Employment Issues

Disaster Relief > FEMA

Disaster Relief > Finding Missing Persons

Disaster Relief > Government Benefits

Disaster Relief > Housing Issues

Disaster Relief > Insurance Claims

Disaster Relief > Other issues

Disaster Relief > Rebuilding Issues

Disaster Relief > Replacing Lost Documents

Disaster Relief > Tax Relief

Employment > Criminal Records

Employment > Disability Access and Accommodation

Employment > Driving licenses for work

Employment > Drug, Alcohol & Polygraph Testing

Employment > Employment Relationships

Employment > Government Employment

Employment > Job Discrimination

Employment > Licenses & Permits

Employment > Losing Your Job: Fired, Laid Off or Quit

Employment > Medical & Other Leave

Employment > Migrant & Foreign Workers

Employment > Military Service

Employment > Overtime & Breaks

Employment > Pensions & Health Insurance

Employment > Unemployment Benefits

Employment > Unsafe Working Conditions

Employment > Wage Claims

Employment > Worker's Compensation

Family & Children > Adoption

Family & Children > Child Abuse and Neglect

Family & Children > Child Support

Family & Children > Custody

Family & Children > Divorce

Family & Children > Domestic Violence

Family & Children > Help for Children Without A Parent's Care

Family & Children > Interdiction

Family & Children > Juvenile Delinquency

Family & Children > Other Family or Juvenile Issues

Family & Children > Parenting Time (Visitation)

Family & Children > Paternity

Family & Children > Rights of Grandparents & Other Relatives

Family & Children > Spousal Support

Family & Children > Termination of Parents' Rights

Government Benefits > Child care and other help to work

Government Benefits > Disabled and wants to work

Government Benefits > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Government Benefits > Food programs

Government Benefits > Help for a relative's child

Government Benefits > Help for Children Without A Parent's Care

Government Benefits > Help for veterans and their families

Government Benefits > Help for your own child (welfare/TANF)

Government Benefits > Immigrants and public benefits

Government Benefits > Other Social Security Benefits

Government Benefits > Unemployment Benefits

Health > Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Health > Control Over Health Care Decisions

Health > Getting help for adults

Health > Getting help for your child

Health > Getting help with mental illness

Health > Help with prescription drugs

Health > Help with specific conditions or illnesses

Health > Interdiction

Health > Living Wills

Health > Long Term Care

Health > Managed Care

Health > Power of Attorney

Health > Seniors & People With Disabilities

Health > What if I can't get insurance?

Housing > Basic Landlord-Tenant Law

Housing > Buying a Home

Housing > Evictions

Housing > Foreclosures, Home Loans, Scams

Housing > Housing Discrimination

Housing > Mobile Homes/Trailers

Housing > Other Housing Issues (Including Homelessness)

Housing > Public Housing

Housing > Renting --Leases, Rent

Housing > Repairs

Housing > Security Deposits

Housing > Subsidized Housing (Section 8)

Schools > Adult Education & Training Rights

Schools > Discipline

Schools > Discrimination & Harassment

Schools > Other Education Problems

Schools > Parents' Responsibilities & Involvement

Schools > School Choice & Home Schooling

Schools > Special Education

Schools > Student Loans & Other Financial Aid

Schools > Tuition, Fees & Registration

Seniors > Elder Abuse

Seniors > Interdiction

Seniors > Living Wills

Seniors > Long Term Care & Nursing Homes

Seniors > Power of Attorney

Seniors > Predatory Lending

Taxes > Earned Income Tax Credit

Taxes > How to Get Legal Help for Tax Problems

Taxes > Income Taxes

Taxes > Real Estate or Ad Valorem Taxes

Taxes > Tax Credits for Families

Taxes > Tax Forms & Publications

Taxes > Tax Sales

Taxes > Taxpayers' Rights

The Legal System > Courts & Judges

The Legal System > Lawyers & Clients

The Legal System > Legislators

The Legal System > Louisiana's Legal System

Wills & Life Planning > Interdiction

Wills & Life Planning > Living Wills

Wills & Life Planning > Power of Attorney

Youth Rights > Abuse, Assault & Neglect

Youth Rights > Drinking, Curfews

Youth Rights > Driving

Youth Rights > Harassment & Discrimination

Youth Rights > Juvenile Delinquency System

Youth Rights > Parents Under 18

Youth Rights > Privacy

Youth Rights > Right to Independence: Emancipation

Youth Rights > Right to Work

Youth Rights > School Attendance

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