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Who We Are

ALSC is a private, non-profit law firm which provides free legal assistance in civil cases to low-income residents of most of southwest and central Louisiana. The Lake Charles office serves residents of these parishes:  Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis.

General Contact Information

Acadiana Legal Service Corporation (Lake Charles)
1 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 800 (map)
Lake Charles, LA 70629
Toll Free
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Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > First Amendment Rights (Expression, Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly & Petition)

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Housing Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Native American Issues

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Open Meetings & Public Records

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Other Civil Rights

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Patriot Act

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Police Stops, Searches & Arrests

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Prisoners' Rights, Prison Conditions

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Right to Privacy

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Voting Rights

Consumer Issues > Automobiles

Consumer Issues > Bankruptcy

Consumer Issues > Contract & Warranty Problems

Consumer Issues > Credit Reports & Credit Access

Consumer Issues > Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

Consumer Issues > Foreclosures, Home Loans, Scams

Consumer Issues > Identity Theft

Consumer Issues > Insurance & Other Consumer/Finance

Consumer Issues > Loans & Installment Purchases

Consumer Issues > Public Utilities: Gas, Electricity & Telephone

Consumer Issues > Telemarketing, Phone Fraud & Internet, Cellular Phones and TV Service Issues

Consumer Issues > Unfair Sales Practices & Consumer Fraud

Disability > Assistive Technology

Disability > Disability Access and Accommodation

Disability > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Disability > Education Rights

Disability > Estate Planning

Disability > Interdiction

Disability > Medical Benefits

Disability > Mental Health & Developmental Disability

Disability > Other Discrimination

Disability > Power of Attorney

Disaster Relief > Consumer Issues: Loans, Contracts & Banking

Disaster Relief > Education Issues

Disaster Relief > Employment Issues

Disaster Relief > FEMA

Disaster Relief > Finding Missing Persons

Disaster Relief > Government Benefits

Disaster Relief > Housing Issues

Disaster Relief > Insurance Claims

Disaster Relief > Other issues

Disaster Relief > Rebuilding Issues

Disaster Relief > Replacing Lost Documents

Disaster Relief > Tax Relief

Employment > Criminal Records

Employment > Disability Access and Accommodation

Employment > Driving licenses for work

Employment > Drug, Alcohol & Polygraph Testing

Employment > Employment Relationships

Employment > Government Employment

Employment > Job Discrimination

Employment > Licenses & Permits

Employment > Losing Your Job: Fired, Laid Off or Quit

Employment > Medical & Other Leave

Employment > Migrant & Foreign Workers

Employment > Military Service

Employment > Overtime & Breaks

Employment > Pensions & Health Insurance

Employment > Unemployment Benefits

Employment > Unsafe Working Conditions

Employment > Wage Claims

Employment > Worker's Compensation

Family & Children > Adoption

Family & Children > Child Abuse and Neglect

Family & Children > Child Support

Family & Children > Custody

Family & Children > Divorce

Family & Children > Domestic Violence

Family & Children > Help for Children Without A Parent's Care

Family & Children > Interdiction

Family & Children > Juvenile Delinquency

Family & Children > Other Family or Juvenile Issues

Family & Children > Parenting Time (Visitation)

Family & Children > Paternity

Family & Children > Rights of Grandparents & Other Relatives

Family & Children > Spousal Support

Family & Children > Termination of Parents' Rights

Government Benefits > Child care and other help to work

Government Benefits > Disabled and wants to work

Government Benefits > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Government Benefits > Food programs

Government Benefits > Help for a relative's child

Government Benefits > Help for Children Without A Parent's Care

Government Benefits > Help for veterans and their families

Government Benefits > Help for your own child (welfare/TANF)

Government Benefits > Immigrants and public benefits

Government Benefits > Other Social Security Benefits

Government Benefits > Unemployment Benefits

Health > Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Health > Control Over Health Care Decisions

Health > Getting help for adults

Health > Getting help for your child

Health > Getting help with mental illness

Health > Help with prescription drugs

Health > Help with specific conditions or illnesses

Health > Interdiction

Health > Living Wills

Health > Long Term Care

Health > Managed Care

Health > Power of Attorney

Health > Seniors & People With Disabilities

Health > What if I can't get insurance?

Housing > Basic Landlord-Tenant Law

Housing > Buying a Home

Housing > Evictions

Housing > Foreclosures, Home Loans, Scams

Housing > Housing Discrimination

Housing > Mobile Homes/Trailers

Housing > Other Housing Issues (Including Homelessness)

Housing > Public Housing

Housing > Renting --Leases, Rent

Housing > Repairs

Housing > Security Deposits

Housing > Subsidized Housing (Section 8)

Schools > Adult Education & Training Rights

Schools > Discipline

Schools > Discrimination & Harassment

Schools > Other Education Problems

Schools > Parents' Responsibilities & Involvement

Schools > School Choice & Home Schooling

Schools > Special Education

Schools > Student Loans & Other Financial Aid

Schools > Tuition, Fees & Registration

Seniors > Elder Abuse

Seniors > Interdiction

Seniors > Living Wills

Seniors > Long Term Care & Nursing Homes

Seniors > Power of Attorney

Seniors > Predatory Lending

Taxes > Earned Income Tax Credit

Taxes > How to Get Legal Help for Tax Problems

Taxes > Income Taxes

Taxes > Real Estate or Ad Valorem Taxes

Taxes > Tax Credits for Families

Taxes > Tax Forms & Publications

Taxes > Tax Sales

Taxes > Taxpayers' Rights

The Legal System > Courts & Judges

The Legal System > Lawyers & Clients

The Legal System > Legislators

The Legal System > Louisiana's Legal System

Wills & Life Planning > Interdiction

Wills & Life Planning > Living Wills

Wills & Life Planning > Power of Attorney

Youth Rights > Abuse, Assault & Neglect

Youth Rights > Drinking, Curfews

Youth Rights > Driving

Youth Rights > Harassment & Discrimination

Youth Rights > Juvenile Delinquency System

Youth Rights > Parents Under 18

Youth Rights > Privacy

Youth Rights > Right to Independence: Emancipation

Youth Rights > Right to Work

Youth Rights > School Attendance

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