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Who We Are

Advocacy Center (AC) is a non-profit corporation which provides legal representation, advice, and referral to elderly and disabled residents in every parish of Louisiana, through four separate offices, located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Shreveport.

General Contact Information

Advocacy Center (Lafayette Office)
600 Jefferson Street, Ste. 812 (map)
Lafayette, LA 70501
Toll Free
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Choose a legal issue to learn more about the services provided:

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Housing Discrimination

Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights > Voting Rights

Disability > Assistive Technology

Disability > Disability Access and Accommodation

Disability > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Disability > Education Rights

Disability > Employment Rights

Disability > Interdiction

Disability > Medical Benefits

Disability > Mental Health & Developmental Disability

Disability > Other Discrimination

Disability > Power of Attorney

Employment > Disability Access and Accommodation

Employment > Job Discrimination

Employment > Losing Your Job: Fired, Laid Off or Quit

Employment > Wage Claims

Family & Children > Interdiction

Government Benefits > Disabled and wants to work

Government Benefits > Disabled children, and disabled adults who can't work: Social Security and SSI benefits

Health > Control Over Health Care Decisions

Health > Getting help for adults

Health > Getting help for your child

Health > Getting help with mental illness

Health > Help with prescription drugs

Health > Interdiction

Health > Living Wills

Health > Long Term Care

Health > Seniors & People With Disabilities

Housing > Housing Discrimination

Housing > Public Housing

Housing > Subsidized Housing (Section 8)

Schools > Discipline

Schools > Special Education

Seniors > Elder Abuse

Seniors > Interdiction

Seniors > Living Wills

Seniors > Long Term Care & Nursing Homes

Seniors > Power of Attorney

Wills & Life Planning > Interdiction

Wills & Life Planning > Living Wills

Youth Rights > Harassment & Discrimination

Youth Rights > Juvenile Delinquency System

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