Did you get a "non-compliance" letter from the Road Home program? This information may help.

Authored By: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (New Orleans Consumer Law Unit)

Information for people who received a Road Home noncompliance letter.

If you have NOT been able to comply with your Road Home Grant covenants, then you need to contact Road Home immediately.


1)    Call Road Home at 1-888-762-3252, extension 2, to discuss your file or to schedule an appointment with an Outreach Advisor.

2)    You must contact Road Home AND submit the required compliance documentation by November 25, 2013.  If you do not Road Home is likely to seek return of your Road Home grant money.


Road Home may be able to give you an extension on compliance or make other changes to your file that alters your compliance obligations.  Road Home has also started a new program to help applicants meet their Road Home grant covenants.  This is called the Unmet Needs process.   This program does NOT grant you additional Road Home funds but MAY adjust your grant amount and/or to reclassify funds you received.  Road Home has defined some Unmet Needs as:

  • You were a victim of documented contractor fraud;

  • You were forced by your mortgage company to use your Road Home funds to pay off or pay a large amount toward your mortgage;

  • You were a victim of documented theft of personal property you purchased with your Road Home funds;

  • Your repaired your home using your Road Home funds but then it was damaged by another storm, fire or flood and you have documented expenses;

  • You repaired your home with Road Home funds and you have discovered that you used contaminated drywall (“Chinese drywall”);

  • You received Road Home elevation grant money but did not elevate your home due to cost AND used these funds to repair/rebuild your home;

  • You have other documented reasons that prevented/delayed your from repairing or rebuilding your home with your Road Home funds.

If you believe that any of the above may apply to you, contact Road Home immediately.

You may eventually get sued by the Road Home program regarding non-compliance.  If you are sued, do not ignore the lawsuit.  Contact an attorney right away.