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You can use your computer to apply for help from a legal aid office in Louisiana.

This online form is only for civil cases (not criminal cases).

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Apply Online for Free Legal Help from a Louisiana Legal Aid Program (A Project of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services) LSC Funded


Note: you may not be able to use the online application from a mobile phone.

Read to the bottom of the page. 

The program helps you apply for free legal help. 

Using this online program to apply for help does not make a legal services office your lawyer.

These organizations include: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS); Acadiana Legal Service Corporation (ALSC); and Legal Services of North Louisiana, Inc. (LSNL).

Do not apply online if you have an emergency!

Do not apply online if you have a deadline coming up!

Do not apply on line if you need to take action within five (5) days.

If you need to act quickly, call or go to your nearest legal services office. 

Applying online is Step One to get legal help.

There are more steps to do to see if you qualify and to see if an office can help you.

Do not use the online application if you do not know how to use a computer.  Call or go to your nearest legal services office.

You must have permission from a person to help him or her fill out the online application.


Note: when you click the link you may get a message asking you to enable or install Adobe Flash Player.


Click https://apply.lanonprofitjustice.org/server/shared/a2jviewer.htm to be sent to our online interview application, or paste the address in your browser.


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