Issues With Owning A Car

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This category concerns issues with owning a car, including how to pay for it, getting insurance for it, repairing it, warranties on it, and dealing with possible repossession.

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Louisiana's Lemon Law

Learn about your right to repair after the purchase of a new vehicle. Includes helpful tips for consumers before and during the car-buying process.

Car Insurance Information including Mandatory Liability Insurance, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists, Rental Liability Insurance

This brochure explains Louisiana's mandatory liability insurance and describes additional types of insurance coverage like comprehensive and collision insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorists, and rental liability insurance.

Filing A Complaint Against a Used Car Dealer

Learn more about the consumer complaint process and file a complaint online. The Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission “LUMVC” is responsible for licensing and regulating independent used car dealerships and investigating complaints regarding used motor vehicle sales, auctions, crushers, automotive dismantlers, rent with the option to purchase, daily rentals, and used parts and accessories.

How Can I Check a Used Car History? Search VIN Check

Free database to search by VIN to see if a car has been an unrecovered stolen or salvage vehicle.

How to Know If Your Car Has A Safety Recall

Search the NHTSA online database on safety recalls of autos, vehicle equipment, child safety seats, and school buses.

How to Protect Yourself When Buying a New Car

Read tips to protect yourself when buying a new car. Information on buying vs. leasing, negotiating the best deal, financing, getting the most out of warranties and service contracts, using gas efficiently, and avoiding repossession.

Check for Recalls by Searching VIN Number on Defective Cars and Trucks

Search NHTSA's online database by VIN to see whether a vehicle has been part of current or past auto defect investigations.

Buying A Used Car

This information covers the various steps you might take when buying a used car. This includes information about getting a vehicle history report, getting a professional inspections, researching the value, researching the seller, negotiating the price, and finalizing the deal.

Car Complaints and Motor Vehicle Services

Learn where to get help if your car is defective or if there's a problem with a dealer, repair shop, or warranty. Find your local motor vehicles office to get a driver's license, car registration, and more.

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