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  • Buying a Used Car -- La Compra de un Auto Usado (English/Spanish Text and Audio on YouTube)

    Knowing your rights may boost your chances of getting a fair deal. Es posible que saber los derechos aumentaría la posibilidad de conseguir un acuerdo justo. Read More

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (New Orleans office)
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  • Consumer Debt Problems Online Forms

    Use the link to go to an online interview to create court forms for consumer debt problems. The online program allows you to create online forms for these consumer debt issues, if your problem fits the situations covered by the forms: Medical Debt Credit Card Debt Car Loans Form to ask the court for more time to respond. The link will take you to a different site called LawHelp Interactive. On that site you will see more information about consumer issues. The online program will ask you questions about your consumer debt problem. The computer program will use the information you enter to create your forms. Warning: the program is not legal advice. This program does not take the place of legal advice from competent legal counsel licensed in your state who knows about your legal issue. Try to find help from a lawyer if you can. The Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the page helps you find programs that offer free legal aid to qualified people. Please use this quick survey to give feedback about using this online forms program:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WL637YX Read More

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Consumer Unit, with other stakeholders.
  • Repossessions

    When you borrow money to buy a car or truck, the lender can take it back if you violate the contract (such as miss a payment). Read More

    Consumer Action Website-Federal Citizen Information Center

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