Small Claims Lawsuits

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This covers small claims as legal proceedings in which an individual or business can seek monetary damages of up to a certain amount. Small claims actions are heard in a small claims court. Small claims actions can involve disputes of money owed, property damage, breach of contract, and other civil matters.

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Debts And Successions

This resource is about when a person dies, how creditors can hold the estate responsible for paying outstanding debts. Creditors may be able to collect payment for outstanding debts of beneficiaries from the distributions they get or from the executor/administrator for the estate.

Small Claims Lawsuits

This category covers how a person might sue or be sued for a small amount of money. These are called small claim actions, in which the lawsuit covers a small amount of money (usually around $5000 or $10,000 or less), and goes to a special court. It might be for money that one person thinks the other owes them, from a contract, security deposit, accident damages, deceptive business practice, bad check, or land trespass.

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