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What Are Open Accounts?

A quick introduction to open accounts.

Debt Collection

Watch this video from the FTC to learn more about your rights when it comes to debt collection. For more information, check out the link to the FTC website. Includes a link to report robocalls.

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Five-video series about dealing with debt collectors, what to do if you receive a debt collection lawsuit, and defending yourself in court. Was a judgment entered without your knowledge? How to tell if legal papers were served properly and what to do if money is being taken from your account.

Debts and Successions

This resource is about when a person dies, how creditors can hold the estate responsible for paying outstanding debts. Creditors may be able to collect payment for outstanding debts of beneficiaries from the distributions they get or from the executor/administrator for the estate.

Understanding your Credit Report

Your credit report is crucial when seeking to buy or rent a home, purchase or lease a car, buy insurance, or even get a job. Your credit report shows lenders how reliable you might be; and, if there are mistakes, you could miss out on things that are rightfully yours.

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