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This category is about the problems a person might have with the information on their credit report, as well as opportunities to clean, mask, expunge, and otherwise remove damaging credit information.

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Debt Collection

This resource covers information about debt collection and what to do when dealing with debt collectors when you owe money but you don’t pay in time.

Negotiating With Debt Collectors

This information covers negotiating with a debt collector as a possible option to resolve a debt collection lawsuit without going to court.

Repair Or Dispute Your Credit Reports

If there is true information on your report that is bad for you, credit bureaus can usually only report for 7 years. They can report bankruptcy information for 10 years. More information about repairing or disputing your credit report.

Responding To A Debt Collection Summons

This resource goes over information about debt collection summons and how to respond to a debt collection summons step-by-step.

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