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This category covers consumers' options and rights when getting insurance to protect themselves against accidents, illness, financial demands, and catastrophes. This includes insurance for health, cars, natural disasters, death, homes, and disability.

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Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This information covers the various consumer issues that disaster survivors may face following a disaster.

Flood Insurance From The National Flood Insurance Program

This covers information about flood insurance and flood insurance coverage information from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Insurance Claims After A Disaster

This resource covers information about various insurance claims after a disaster event. This includes information about renter's insurance, flood insurance, and homeowner's insurance - including how to file, determining your coverage, documenting issues, and managing disputes with insurance companies.

Renters Insurance After A Disaster

This covers information about renters insurance after a disaster with a general overview of what renters insurance typically covers after a disaster and how it works.

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