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This category covers consumers' options and rights when getting insurance to protect themselves against accidents, illness, financial demands, and catastrophes. This includes insurance for health, cars, natural disasters, death, homes, and disability.

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Car Insurance Information including Mandatory Liability Insurance, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists, Rental Liability Insurance

This brochure explains Louisiana's mandatory liability insurance and describes additional types of insurance coverage like comprehensive and collision insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorists, and rental liability insurance.

Consumer Finance Tools

Learn more about your rights when it comes to money matters like auto loans, credit cards, debt collection, standard and reverse mortgages, and using credit cards and prepaid cards.

Financial Security for Older Adults

Use these resources to help older adults and their caregivers navigate some of the important decisions that can affect later-life financial security. Browse guides and information to help older adults make sound financial decisions, protecting savings and assets, and other financial challenges.

Search for Louisiana Life Insurance Policy

The Department of Insurance database has electronic contact information for all life insurance companies with policies in force in Louisiana. Any member of the immediate family of a deceased person may request the policy. Request online or by print the form and mail it in. This cannot be used to search for policies which are not purchased in Louisiana.

What is Insurance Fraud and How Do I Report It?

Information about detecting and reporting insurance fraud. Follow the link to learn more or report insurance fraud in Louisiana.

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