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This category is about issues people might have with debts they owe (or other family members owe), dealing with debt collectors, going through a repossession or garnishment process, or filing for bankruptcy. It also covers issues with other people owing you debts, after lending money to them.

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Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This information covers the various consumer issues that disaster survivors may face following a disaster.

Debt Collection

This resource covers information about debt collection and what to do when dealing with debt collectors when you owe money but you don’t pay in time.

Garnishment Issues

This information covers problems around one's wages (paycheck) or property being garnished to pay for a debt. This includes exemptions a person might have to protect certain things from being garnished.

Negotiating With Debt Collectors

This information covers negotiating with a debt collector as a possible option to resolve a debt collection lawsuit without going to court.

Responding To A Debt Collection Summons

This resource goes over information about debt collection summons and how to respond to a debt collection summons step-by-step.

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