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Other Money, Problems

This category covers issues when a person borrows money, including for school or education (financial aid or student loans), payday loans, and installment purchases. It also covers problems like predatory lending, fraud, or default.

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Debt Collection

This resource covers information about debt collection and what to do when dealing with debt collectors when you owe money but you don’t pay in time.

Mortgages And Other Financing For A Home

This resource covers issues that a homeowner might have when taking out a mortgage, finding support and opportunities, dealing with scams, keeping up on their mortgage obligations, and understanding their options if problems arise.

Negotiating With Debt Collectors

This information covers negotiating with a debt collector as a possible option to resolve a debt collection lawsuit without going to court.

Options To Avoid Foreclosure

This resource provides an overview of different strategies to prevent foreclosure, which includes options like loan modification, loss mitigation, budget counseling, and foreclosure prevention services.

Reverse Mortgages (Loans Using Home Equity Conversion)

This information is about reverse mortgages. These are a special type of home loan only for homeowners who are 62 and older. Reverse mortgage loans generally must be repaid when you sell or no longer live in the home. Learn more about reverse mortgages and other issues related to reverse mortgages.

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