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This category covers taxes, including income, sales, property, and other taxes. It covers the obligations and process of calculating and paying taxes, as well as penalties or how to respond to problems. It also covers Earned Income Tax Credits and other social benefit programs.

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Homestead Exemption For Property Taxes In Louisiana

This provides information on the Homestead Exemption for property taxes in Louisiana.

Income Taxes

Income taxes are a type of tax imposed by governments on individuals based on their income. There are federal income taxes and state income taxes. In general, a portion of an individual's income is taxable at the federal level, while the remainder is taxable at the state level.

Intercepting Tax Refunds For Child Support

This concerns how a parent who doesn't have custody of their children, might have their federal income tax refund checks intercepted. They may also have lottery winnings or other money that the federal or state government owes them intercepted, in order to pay for child support payments they owe.

Property Taxes

This resource covers issues that homeowners may experience with their property taxes. Issues discussed here: how the taxes are calculated, how to pay them, and how to deal with disputes around them.

Tax Lien Redemption

This resource covers information about tax lien redemption when an owner goes through the process of paying off a tax lien or deed that is on a property due to unpaid taxes.

Tax Relief After A Disaster

This information covers a general overview of tax relief after a disaster and what taxpayers can do who have been affected by disasters.

Tax Sales

This resource includes information about tax sales and the tax sale process. Tax sales happen when a property owner does not pay their taxes. An owner may try to stop a tax sale and redeem the property after a sale. A purchaser gets title to the tax property subject to redemption by the owner.

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