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This category covers issues that a person might have to pay for their health and medical care, including through insurance programs, dealing with bills, dealing with medical debt, and other concerns.

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Medicaid Health Coverage

This resource covers the Medicaid program that provides people with limited income access to health care. It covers who qualifies in Louisiana based on income or other conditions (pregnancy, elderly, disability, children, etc.) It also covers issues of what types of issues or treatments Medicaid covers, what happens if there are payment issues, and how program enrollment might be terminated.

Medicare Health Coverage

This resource covers information about the Medicare health insurance program run by the government that covers people 65 and over, some people with disability status, and some people with end-stage renal or ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. This information covers who is eligible for Medicare coverage, how to apply for it, dealing with payment issues, what is covered by it, the different Parts A, B, C, and D, and how one's enrollment might be terminated.

SNAP's Medical Deductions: How To Get Increased Benefits For High Medical Expenses

If you have high medical expenses, you could get more help from SNAP. SNAP’s Medical Deductions can help increase your benefit.

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