Paying For Medical Care

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This category covers issues that a person might have to pay for their health and medical care, including through insurance programs, dealing with bills, dealing with medical debt, and other concerns.

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Avoid Contractor Fraud And Scams

Information for those who are working with contractors and want to avoid issues with contractor fraud and scams. Contractor fraud involves a contractor engaging in deceptive behavior to obtain money or other benefits. This type of fraud can take many forms, including overbilling, using inferior material, misrepresenting the services provided, or failing to perform the services agreed upon.

Medicaid Health Coverage

This resource covers the Medicaid program that provides people with limited income access to health care. It covers who qualifies in Louisiana based on income or other conditions (pregnancy, elderly, disability, children, etc.) It also covers issues of what types of issues or treatments Medicaid covers, what happens if there are payment issues, and how program enrollment might be terminated.

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