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This category concerns issues an adult or juvenile may have with their criminal record, including access to it, confidentiality of it, expungement (or masking, or cleaning) it, or other concerns.

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Expungement for an Arrest or Conviction

Questions and answers about the requirements to expunge a felony conviction in Louisiana.

Lousiana Expungement Eligibility

This app will help you determine whether or not you can get your criminal record expunged under Louisiana law. If you are likely eligible for an expungement, you will find resources for pro bono and private attorneys who can assist you.

Navigating Expungement in Louisiana

The following is a general overview to the expungement process.“Expungement” means an individual’s criminal record is sealed, but not destroyed.This guide provides basic information about how to seal (expunge) a record of arrest or conviction in Louisiana’s Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and Washington Parishes. In the limited circumstances where expungement is possible, the process is relatively simple and usually can be managed without the help of a lawyer. This guide is intended to provide support to people helping themselves.

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