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This category concerns issues an adult or juvenile may have with their criminal record, including access to it, confidentiality of it, expungement (or masking, or cleaning) it, or other concerns.

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Ex-Offender Provisional Driver's Licenses

This resource has information about getting a provisional driver's license, mainly for individuals released from incarceration.

Expungement Or Sealing Of A Criminal Record

This resource has information about how to clean, expunge, seal, or mask a record of a past arrest or conviction. One might want to expunge a criminal record when looking for housing, employment, or other opportunities.

Understanding A Violent Felony Charge

This provides basic information to help you determine if your felony charge is a crime of violence, also called a violent felony.

Voting For Formerly Incarcerated Persons

This resource goes over voting rights for formerly incarcerated persons with felonies in Louisiana.

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