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This category concerns options for people dealing with domestic violence and abuse, including getting protective orders, enforcing them, understanding abuse, reporting abuse, and getting resources and status if there is abuse.

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About Restraining (Protective) Orders

This information covers the topic of restraining (i.e. protective) orders in Louisiana. This includes the options, process, and limitations of restraining orders. A person may get a restraining order to help address domestic violence or abuse.

Domestic Violence And Abuse

This information covers issues related to and for people with domestic violence and abuse. This includes getting protective orders, enforcing them, understanding abuse, and getting resources and help if there is abuse.

Emergency Ex Parte Custody

In some cases, there may be a need for a court order relating to child custody before the other parent or party can be heard before the Court. A custody order entered before the other party has an opportunity to respond is called "ex parte," and they are available in limited, usually emergency, circumstances.

Housing Law Protections For Domestic Abuse Victims

Louisiana law provides certain protections from evictions based on incidents of domestic abuse. This discusses how tenants can claim protection from eviction based on domestic abuse and when a landlord can evict a tenant even though there has been an incident of domestic abuse on the leased premises.

How to File For A Restraining (Protective) Order

This is the legal process for a civil restraining order. Follow the steps to prepare to file for a restraining order. You will need to file your petition in court, get a temporary restraining order issued, then you may get a final restraining order.

Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR) Forms

These forms are the Louisiana Uniform Abuse Prevention Order forms, mandated for use. This set of forms includes temporary restraining orders, protective orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, criminal "stay away" orders, and orders to modify, dissolve and dismiss prior orders.

Understanding Child In Need Of Care (CINC) Cases

This information is about Child In Need Of Care (CINC) cases and how they are handled. In these cases, the court decides that a child needs help and support to make sure they are safe and well. This guide helps you understand CINC cases, why they exist, and how decisions are made to take care of children who need help.

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