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Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD)

OCDD gives information and services for Louisiana residents with a developmental disability, defined as a severe chronic disability caused by mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or autism.

Brain Injury Alliance of Louisiana

BIALA and United Spinal Association, LA Chapter provides information and support to survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries, their caregivers and professionals. BIALA and United Spinal Association, LA Chapter provides access to numerous support groups throughout the state for those dealing with brain and spinal cord injuries.

Charter Schools and Children With Disabilities

Information for parents about charter schools and children with disabilities, including what charter schools must do for children with disabilities.

Disability Discrimination in Schools

U.S. Dept. of Education information on Disability Discrimination in schools.

Disability Rights and The Olmstead Supreme Court Decision in a Nutshell

Information about the most important civil rights decision for people with disabilities from the U.S. Supreme Court, the 1999 "Olmstead" case. The Court held that people with disabilities have the qualified right to receive state-funded supports and services in their community rather than an institution when a three-part test is met. Includes link to legal advocacy tools from Olmstead Rights.

Supporting Students with Disabilities

This information covers strategies for each step of the process for students with disabilities, from identifying the disability, to developing goals for instruction in an IEP, specialized student supports and related services, and effective implementation of the IEP.

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