Loans, Contracts & Scams After A Disaster

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Other Disaster Problems

This category concerns legal issues related to loans, contracts and scams after a disaster. After a disaster individuals may attempt to exploit the situation by offering loans or contracts that are scmas. These offers may include high interest loans, contracts to do work that is never completed, or offers that require an upfront fee for a service that is not provided.

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Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This information covers the various consumer issues that disaster survivors may face following a disaster.

Disaster Fraud

This resource covers the various topics and issues that occur within the category of disaster fraud. This goes over disaster fraud and gives information about the detection and prevention of fraud related to a disaster.

Disaster Relief

This information gives you a comprehensive overview of disaster legal issues, disaster declarations, steps to prepare for a disaster, and legal deadlines, and provides helpful disaster resources.

Mortgage Help For Homeowners Affected By Disasters

After a disaster, it is important to get in touch with your bank or mortgage servicer to get relief. Learn what you need to know about getting mortgage help for homeowners who are affected by a disaster event.

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