Education Issues After A Disaster

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Other Disaster Problems

Education issues after a disaster can include the need for emergency aid, the displacement of students, the disruption of the school schedule, and the potential for trauma from the disaster. Emergency aid can include food, water, and shelter for those affected by the disaster. Displaced students may need to find new schools, or may need assistance with transportation, enrollment, and other logistics. Schools may need to close temporarily, or may need to adjust their schedules, due to the disruption from the disaster.

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Disaster Related Family And Education Issues

This covers issues that arise during or after a disaster within a family, like a divorce, guardianship, powers of attorney to take care of an adult, domestic violence, child custody including custody by mandate, and other issues.

Disaster Relief

This information gives you a comprehensive overview of disaster legal issues, disaster declarations, steps to prepare for a disaster, and legal deadlines, and provides helpful disaster resources.

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