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Other Disaster Problems

This category covers other issues that follow or are related to a disaster event. 

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Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This resource covers the various consumer issues that may come up after a disaster including insurance claims, debt, and bankruptcy.

Disaster Declarations - State And Federal

A Disaster Declaration is a formal statement by a public official (i.e. Mayor, County Judge, or Governor) that a disaster or emergency situation exceeds their response capabilities. Based on the Governor's request, the President may declare that a major disaster or emergency exists. This activates an array of Federal programs to assist in the response and recovery effort.

Disaster Relief

This resource covers housing, consumer, finance after a disaster, family and educational issues, disaster programs and benefits, employment and unemployment after a disaster, wills, estates and guardianships, and other public health emergency issues after a disaster.

Housing After A Disaster

A guide to the legal issues a person may encounter in housing after a natural disaster. This includes information for homeowners and renters.

Other Emergency Issues After A Disaster

This category concerns legal problems that might emerge after a disaster event as other emergency issues. This includes: Finding Missing Persons After a Disaster, Disaster Services and Information, Emergency Rule Modifications, Rebuilding and Reconstruction After a Disaster.

Preparing For A Disaster

It is important to plan ahead for disasters. The more you prepare ahead for a disaster, the faster and easier it may be to recover. If you are experiencing the effects of a disaster, you may face different legal problems. This includes information for how to prepare in advance for a disaster and for disaster survivors. A disaster event requires immediate attention and quick remedial action. A disaster involves injury, loss of life, damage to property, or catastrophic interference with normal activities. This information includes how to prepare to deal with sudden, unexpected, or impending situations where a disaster may occur.

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