Other Issues After A Disaster

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Other Disaster Problems

This category covers other issues that follow or are related to a disaster event. 

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Bank Customers in Areas Affected by Recent Hurricanes

Topics covering mortgage/loan repayment, access to money, consumer/credit issues, flood insurance, and bank operations/deposit insurance.

City Assisted Evacuation- RTA Hurricane Prep & Evacuation Plans

The Atlantic Hurricane season occurs yearly from June 1 through November 30. In the event of a major hurricane impacting the city of New Orleans, RTA partners with NOLA Ready and the City of New Orleans to assist in evacuating residents who cannot safely do so on their own. In the event of a mandatory evacuation, the following locations will be used as evacuation pick-up areas called Evacuspots. RTA buses will transport evacuees from these spots to the Smoothie King Center where they will be safely evacuated out of the city. Pick-ups from evacuspots end 30 hours before a storm reaches the area.

Common Legal Issues After a Disaster

This resource covers housing, consumer, finance after a disaster, family and educational issues, disaster programs and benefits, employment and unemployment after a disaster, wills, estates and guardianships, and other public health emergency issues after a disaster.

Consumer Issues After a Disaster

This resource covers the various consumer issues that may come up after a disaster including insurance claims, debt, and bankruptcy.

Dealing With Weather Emergencies

Preparing for a Weather Emergency, Staying Alert to Disaster-related Scams, Getting Back on Your Feet Financially, and Resources.

Disaster Declarations - State and Federal

A Disaster Declaration is a formal statement by a public official (i.e. Mayor, County Judge, or Governor) that a disaster or emergency situation exceeds their response capabilities. Based on the Governor's request, the President may declare that a major disaster or emergency exists. This activates an array of Federal programs to assist in the response and recovery effort.

Housing After a Disaster

A guide to the legal issues a person may encounter in housing after a natural disaster. This includes information for homeowners and renters.

Hurricane Tips: A Checklist

Explains how to get ready for a hurricane and what to do afterward.

Louisiana Disaster Assistance

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) serves as the Governor's Authorized Representative for disaster events and is responsible for coordinating resources for state and local governments, private non-profits and our Louisiana citizenry.

Other Emergency Issues After A Disaster

This category concerns legal problems that might emerge after a disaster event as other emergency issues. This includes: Finding Missing Persons After a Disaster, Disaster Services and Information, Emergency Rule Modifications, Rebuilding and Reconstruction After a Disaster.

Preparing For A Disaster

It is important to plan ahead for disasters. The more you prepare ahead for a disaster, the faster and easier it may be to recover. If you are experiencing the effects of a disaster, you may face different legal problems. This includes information for how to prepare in advance for a disaster and for disaster survivors. A disaster event requires immediate attention and quick remedial action. A disaster involves injury, loss of life, damage to property, or catastrophic interference with normal activities. This information includes how to prepare to deal with sudden, unexpected, or impending situations where a disaster may occur.

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