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This category is about getting payments and benefits after retiring from a job or at the end of a career. This includes around eligibility for benefits, proper management of benefit plans under ERISA, vesting of benefits, managers of benefits, and other retirement and pension issues. 

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How Does An Employer's Bankruptcy Affect Employee Benefits?

If an employer declares bankruptcy, it will generally take one of two forms: reorganization under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, or liquidation under Chapter 7. A Chapter 11 (reorganization) usually means that the company continues in business under the court’s protection while attempting to reorganize its financial affairs. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy may or may not affect your retirement or health plan. In some cases, plans continue to exist throughout the reorganization process. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the company liquidates its assets to pay its creditors and ceases to exist. Therefore, it is likely your retirement and health plans will be terminated. When your employer files for bankruptcy you should contact the administrator of each plan or your union representative (if you are represented by a union) to request an explanation of the status of your plan or benefits.

Social Security Retirement Benefits

This resource covers information about social security retirement benefits including information about eligibility for benefits and how to apply.

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