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This category concerns financial compensation and insurance coverage for people who are unemployed. This includes how to apply for these benefits, who is eligible, what issues might arise, hearings about misconduct or disqualification, dealing with overpayments or recoupment, and terminating the benefit.

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Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

This information gives an overview of disaster unemployment assistance (DUA), which can be available to individuals who have lost their jobs or had their self-employment interrupted due to a major disaster declared by the President.

Public Benefits

This information covers public benefits, which are government-funded programs that help individuals and families in need. Public benefits can include cash and income assistance, health care, food assistance, housing assistance, and tax benefits. Depending on the program, eligibility for public benefits may require a person or family to meet certain income and resource requirements.

Unemployment Benefits

This information explains unemployment benefits in the state of Louisiana run by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC).

Unemployment Benefits Appeals

This information gives an overview of unemployment benefits appeals, including any questions or concerns you may have about the appeal process and how to file an appeal for an unemployment benefits decision.

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