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This category covers issues an employee may have with how much they are getting paid, if they are getting adequate overtime, if employers are requiring workers to clock out during breaks, if the employer is paying less than the minimum wage, or if there are other claims/problems around the amount paid for the hours worked. This might include topics like 'wage theft', when workers are not being paid what is owed to them.

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Disaster Employment And Unemployment

This helps people whose employment or self-employment gets interrupted as part of a disaster. The loss or result of unemployment must be the result of a major disaster. This covers how to apply for disaster unemployment benefits. This also covers what wage theft is, your right to fair wage pay, and what to do if you are not being paid fair wages as a result of a disaster.

Employee Or Independent Contractor?

This resource breaks down the differences between employees and independent contractors.

Equal Pay/Equal Compensation Discrimination in Employment

Do you feel you have been discriminated against in a workplace because you were not given equal pay? This resource goes over equal pay/equal compensation discrimination and the process to file an equal pay/equal compensation claim.

Federal Law Information for Minor Employment

Federal information for minor age (14-15) workers. Briefly explains federal law including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) on a minor's work hours.

Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator

Not sure where to start your legal research? Try the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. Answer a few questions about yourself and your situation to get customized legal information, local court forms, referrals to legal aid, and more. Available for Divorce, Child Custody, Employment Law, and private Landlord-Tenant Law.

Unpaid Wages, Including Sample Demand Letter

This resource has general information and FAQs on Unpaid Wages, a sample demand letter to your employer, plus a link to a program you can use to automatically create an unpaid wages demand letter. Just answer a few questions and your letter will be generated. This program does not provide legal advice.

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