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Worker's Compensation

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  • Employee Rights -- National Labor Relations Act

    Information from the National Labor Relations Board. This information deals with worker rights to form a union and related issues. Content Detail

    National Labor Relations Board
  • How to Get Legal Help/Como Obtener Ayuda Legal

    Information in English and Spanish about how to get help from programs that offer free help to qualified people. Lea aquí para aprender cómo obtener ayuda gratis con problemas legales, ayuda de los programas para las personas de ingresos bajos. Content Detail

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (Hammond Office)
    Read this in:
    Spanish / Español
  • Injured at Work - Guide for Federal Employees

    Hurt on the job? See these answers to frequent questions about work injuries, from the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Office of Worker's Compensation Programs. Content Detail

    U.S. Department of Labor
  • Internet Sites for Legal Information

    List of online legal research and information resources, from the Law Library of Louisiana. Content Detail

    Law Library of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Workers' Compensation Forms

    Forms on the Office of Workers' Compensation website. You need Adobe Acrobat reader to download the forms. Content Detail

    Louisiana Department of Labor
  • LousianaFreeLegalAnswers

    Information from the American Bar Association & Louisiana State Bar Association about their site: http://la.freelegalanswers.org/ See if you qualify Answer a few questions to see if you qualify to use this service. Ask a question Ask our volunteer attorneys a specific question about your civil legal issue. Check your email You'll receive an email telling you when your question receives a response. Log back in See the response to your question; ask more questions. Read More

    American Bar Association & Louisiana State Bar Association

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