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This category is about the process and benefits of adopting a child, including dealing with a contested adoption or getting time off from work.

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Information and Resources for Women About Adoption

General information and resources for women about adoption from the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals.

Louisiana's Safe Haven Law- Giving Care of Your Newborn to the State

Parents have a safe and legal way to give the care of their newborn to the state, without fear of criminal prosecution. The parent can seek to reclaim parental rights within 30 days by contacting the local DCFS office.

Child Custody and Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

When there is an open juvenile court case, a parent or guardian should know that the district court judge deciding a divorce or custody case may have limited power to make orders relating to the child who is subject to the juvenile court case. As this article explains, the juvenile court judge will still have the power to make orders relating to custody in certain kinds of cases.

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