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This category is about financial or physical abuse of elders, potentially by another family member. It could also cover evictions and rental house issues for the elderly, or scams directed at the elderly. This abuse could involve physical, sexual emotional, financial, or verbal behavior. It could also involve withholding access to food, money, or necessities, or exerting control over where a person goes, sees, and does.

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Elder Abuse And Elderly Protective Services

This resource provides information on Elder Abuse and Elderly Protective Services in Louisiana. It defines elder abuse as the infliction of physical or mental injury on an adult 60 years or older by other parties, including but not limited to such means as sexual abuse, abandonment, isolation, exploitation, or extortion of funds or other things of value. This lists the signs of elder abuse and provides information on how to report potential elder abuse to the Elderly Protective Services (EPS) Program.

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