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This category concerns issues around creating child support orders, modifying and enforcing them, paying for other children's expenses, and claiming children's expenses on taxes.

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Child Support

Child support is a payment that one parent pays to the other for the financial support of the children. It is usually paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. It may also include medical, dental, and other forms of insurance premiums.

Child Support Guidelines For Calculation And Enforcement

This information goes over the guidelines that Louisiana has set as rules for how child support arrangements are calculated and enforced. This includes the financial models that Louisiana establishes for child support, based on income or needs. This also includes the process of how to calculate child support payments.

Getting State Support In Enforcing Child Support

This covers information about issues with child support cases, where the parent with custody of the child receives assistance from the state's agency that helps enforce child support. This support might be locating the other parent, establishing paternity, or establishing, and enforcing the child support order.

Intercepting Tax Refunds For Child Support

This concerns how a parent who doesn't have custody of their children, might have their federal income tax refund checks intercepted. They may also have lottery winnings or other money that the federal or state government owes them intercepted, in order to pay for child support payments they owe.

Modifying Child Support

This concerns whether and how a parent can modify a child support order or arrangement. It also concerns how the other parent can respond to an attempt to modify the arrangement.

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