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Juvenile Delinquency

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  • Guide to Juvenile Court in Orleans Parish

    Basic information from the Orleans Juvenile Court Delinquency Division. Read More

    Orleans Parish Juvenile Court
  • Louisiana Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children

    Information on missing children. Contact the Louisiana Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children by calling 1-800-434-8007. Read More

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    Spanish / Español
  • Expungement App- Justice and Accountability Center of LA (JAC)

    JAC has created several guides and checklists to assist individuals navigating the expungement system without an attorney. These resources are informational and are not legal advice. Always consult with an attorney about your particular situation. The expungement app will help you determine whether or not you can get your criminal record expunged under Louisiana Law. Although this app does not provide legal advice, it can help you assess your potential eligibility for expungement and help you prepare for a meeting with an attorney. There is no charge to check your eligibility. The app can also generate pre-filled forms to file for an expungement in court. It costs $20 to download the forms. Read More

    Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana
  • A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

    Tips for keeping your children safe in cyberspace. Content Detail

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline

    RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE and carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. On its site you'll find statistics, counseling resources, prevention tips, news and more. Content Detail

    Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)
  • Living in the United States: A Guide for Immigrant Youth

    Information about many issues immigrant youth face when living in the United States. Topics include citizenship, Social Security numbers, taxes, public benefits, going to college, and more. English/Spanish/Korean available. Content Detail

    Immigrant Legal Resource Center
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    Korean / 한국어
  • Agenda for Children

    Agenda for Children has served as Louisiana’s statewide child advocacy organization, as well as our region’s leading support organization for early childhood education (children ages 0-8). We work to inform public conversations on children, advocate for better policies that impact children and families, increase access to high quality early care and education, improve the quality of those experiences, and connect people to community resources. Specifically, our work improves child well-being by empowering the adults who have the greatest impact on children’s lives. Content Detail

    Agenda for Children
  • Child Custody and Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

    When there is an open juvenile court case, a parent or guardian should know that the district court judge deciding a divorce or custody case may have limited power to make orders relating to the child who is subject to the juvenile court case. As this article explains, the juvenile court judge will still have the power to make orders relating to custody in certain kinds of cases. Read More

    Lagniappe Law Lab
  • How Do I Expunge a Felony in Louisiana?

    Questions and answers about the requirements to expunge a felony conviction in Louisiana. Content Detail

    Louisiana Expungement Assistance & Advocacy Center