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This category concerns options and process of changing one's name or gender assignment.

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Adult Name Change Self Help Forms

This resource lets you fill out the forms required for an Adult Name Change in Louisiana. Answer a few questions about yourself and your case to get a complete packet of forms and filing instructions.

Changing A Minor Child's Name

This resource explains the name change process for minor children in Louisiana. To legally change a minor's name, the parent or legal guardian must submit a petition to the court. The petition must include the minor's current name, the proposed name, the reason for the name change, the consent of everyone with legal custody of the minor, and proof of the minor's date of birth. Once the petition is approved, the court will issue an order for a name change. 

How to Update Your Legal Name

If you are a legal adult (18 years+) in Louisiana, this guide provides basic information on how to change your name in court. When a name change is possible, the process is relatively simple and can be managed without the help of a lawyer. This guide is intended to provide support to those seeking to complete a name change without legal representation.

Name and Gender Marker Change Legal Navigator

Not sure what to do if you want to change your name or gender marker? Do you have legal documents you would like to update with your legal name and/or gender marker? Try the Name and Gender Marker Change Navigator. Answer a few questions about yourself and your situation to get customized legal information, local court forms, referrals to legal aid, and more. Available for information about the legal name change process, whether you qualify to get a name change court order, and changing legal documents with your name and/or gender including your birth certificate, Social Security Administration, Driver's License/ID, U.S. Passport, Military/Veteran Records, Immigration, Health Insurance Documents, Other (Banks, Credit Cards, Employer, etc.)

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