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This category concerns options and process of changing one's name or gender assignment.

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Getting A Name Change

This resource covers information about getting a name change in Louisiana. This starts with the process of getting a name change court order. Then, once you have a name change court order you can use it to update other documents. This resource also covers other issues related to getting a name change.

How To Update Your Louisiana Birth Certificate

This information covers how to update your Louisiana birth certificate. You may need to update your birth certificate with a new name or to reflect your gender marker.

How To Update Your Social Security Information

This gives you guidance on the process of updating your Social Security information.

How to Update Your State ID Or Driver's License

This information goes over how to update your Louisiana state ID or driver's license. This includes specific information about updating your name and/or gender marker.

How to Update Your U.S. Passport

This gives guidance on the process of updating your U.S. passport.

Name Change Of A Child

This resource provides an overview of how to legally change a minor's name in Louisiana.

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