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This category is about establishing the paternity of a child or responding to a paternity case filed against one. Paternity legal issues pertaining to the biological father of a child, often involve issues of financial or parental rights. It can refer to establishing legal paternity or disputing paternity or parental rights.

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Acknowledgment Of Paternity (AOP)

See these online forms from the Louisiana Department of Health. An acknowledgment of paternity is a legal document that is signed by a father to acknowledge that he is the biological father of the child. The document is typically used to establish paternity for the purpose of obtaining child support or other benefits for the child. It may also be used to establish legal rights for the father, such as the right to visitation or custody.

Establishing Paternity By Court Proceeding

This resource explains how establishing paternity by court action works. When a father wishes to establish paternity and obtain genetic testing, he can file a Petition to Establish Paternity. The paternity court action may also get initiated by a petition to establish child custody or support.


This information covers paternity and issues associated with paternity. This covers the ways that paternity can get determined and established, depending on the circumstances.

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