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This category is about the process of married or forming civil unions, getting a certificate to prove the union, and changing names for it.

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Classifying Property: Community Property Versus Separate Property

This resource explains the differences between separate and community property, marriage contracts, and debts, providing general information on property classification in Louisiana.

Common Law Marriage In Louisiana

This resource covers information about common-law marriages in Louisiana, which are not recognized under state law. This includes information for those who are in common law marriages established in another state who are living in Louisiana.

Covenant Marriage In Louisiana

This information provides an overview of the concept of covenant marriage in Louisiana. It explains the unique aspects of this type of marriage, such as the additional legal and counseling requirements for couples who choose this path.

Fault-Based Divorce In Louisiana

This resource goes over fault-based divorce in Louisiana, including steps on how to file for a fault-based divorce with the court.

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