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This category is about the process of married or forming civil unions, getting a certificate to prove the union, and changing names for it.

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Common Law Marriage In Louisiana

This resource covers information about common-law marriages in Louisiana, which are not recognized under state law. This includes information for those who are in common law marriages established in another state who are living in Louisiana.

Fault-Based Divorce In Louisiana

This resource contains information on fault-based divorce, proving adultery, and defending against domestic violence allegations. In a fault-based divorce, one spouse’s actions are considered the reason that a marriage cannot continue.

How Do Matrimonial Agreements Work?

This article is taken from the Louisiana State Bar Association brochure "Community Property: What is Mine? What is Yours?" The article explains what matrimonial agreements are and when they need judicial approval. This page includes a link to the original brochure.

What Is A Covenant Marriage?

A covenant marriage is similar to a “regular” marriage but includes additional legal steps.  The covenant marriage sets out harder requirements to end a marriage and puts you into a tougher system of divorce laws.  Covenant Marriages were developed by the Louisiana legislature to encourage couples to go through religious or professional counseling before filing for divorce.  A covenant marriage allows the couple to show their intent to enter the marriage as a lifelong commitment.    

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