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About Rent and Paying Rent

When must your landlord accept late rent? Can you deduct repair costs from rent? Find answers to these and other questions in this article.

Early Lease Cancellation

This resource covers situations in which a landlord or tenant wants to end a rental agreement early, in order to have the tenant leave before the lease specifies. This could be in situations where the tenant is unhappy with the housing, and wants to leave early. Or, it could be when the landlord wants to have the tenant leave, even though the lease is for a longer term.

Flood and Fire Victims' Rights as Tenants

Common questions asked by tenants who suffer flood or fire damage.

Differences in Landlord-Tenant Law in Louisiana

Residential rentals are governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (URLTA) in many states. Not Louisiana. Here are several important ways landlord-tenant law is different in Louisiana.

Common Questions About Leases

Questions and answers about leases and what a tenant should think about before signing a lease.

Issues and Solutions for Problem Neighbors

About tenants' remedies for problem neighbors.

Tenant's Right to Privacy

When and under what circumstances can a landlord enter rented premises? Click this resource for information about tenant's privacy rights.

What Rights Do Tenants Have in Evictions?

This resource is about what a tenant can do after they get evicted from a home. A tenant has the right to their own defense against an eviction. This includes living conditions (habitability) defenses against an eviction. Military service-member's protections around an eviction, notice and procedural defenses against an eviction. Retaliatory eviction defenses against an eviction. Title and ownership defenses against an eviction.

About Housing Discrimination and Fair Housing

This article provides an overview of federal and state fair housing laws. It also includes some examples of situations which may be found to be discrimination in fair housing. If you feel that you have experienced housing discrimination, this article includes a link to file a complaint.

Eviction Process Guide

This guide lays out the step-by-step process for evictions in Louisiana. It is intended to provide information to both tenants facing eviction and landlords who need to access the Court for evictions.

Inheriting an Interest in a Lease

This guide discusses the basic rights and responsibilities of people that inherit an interest in a lease. It includes information for both people that inherit an interest as a renter and a landlord.

Leases and Rental Agreements for Residential Rental Property

This resource covers the process of receiving, understanding, negotiating, and signing a lease between a landlord and tenant. This includes how a tenant can ensure the lease is fair, raise any objections, protect their rights, and deal with other issues with the lease. It can also be about how to understand, modify, or challenge a lease after signing it.

Louisiana Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities

Individuals who let out their property to residential tenants have responsibilities under Louisiana law and their rights to the leased property are limited during the term of the tenant's lease. This article lays out a landlord's rights to their property and responsibilities to tenants during a residential lease.

Representing Yourself in Court: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Tips if you must handle your legal issue on your own without a lawyer. This document is strictly for informational purposes, it does not include legal advice.

Rule for Possession - Answer to Eviction Form

This resource includes a sample answer form that you can use to respond to an eviction lawsuit filed against you.

What Can I Do When My Landlord Won't Make Repairs

Tenants can use the repair and deduct procedure to make necessary repair(s) and deduct the cost from rent. The repair and deduction can be tricky and doing it wrong can lead to eviction and damage costs. This helps to explain the process including requirements about notice and legal standards. The process as explained will help a tenant follow the proper procedure to deduct costs for a repair.

What Happens to a Lease When the Property is Sold or Foreclosed on?

This resource goes over what happens to a lease when the property is sold to someone else, foreclosed upon, or auctioned at a tax sale. Content adapted from Southeast Louisiana Legal Services resources.

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