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Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator

Not sure where to start your legal research? Try the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. Answer a few questions about yourself and your situation to get customized legal information, local court forms, referrals to legal aid, and more. Available for Divorce, Child Custody, Employment Law, and private Landlord-Tenant Law.

The CDC Eviction Ban Expires on July 31. What Happens Now?

The federal order banning evictions for nonpayment of rent expires July 31, 2021. Here are some things you can do if you are worried about eviction after the moratorium ends.

Eviction Dictionary

A plain-language guide to understanding words used in eviction cases. Click on the terms to see the definitions and find links to in-depth articles explaining more complicated issues.

Eviction Process Guide

This guide is adapted from information provided by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services. This guide lays out the step-by-step process for evictions in Louisiana. It is intended to provide information to both tenants facing eviction and landlords who need to access the Court for evictions.

Common Reasons for Eviction and Their Defenses

This guide is adapted from information provided by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services. The guide covers evictions for lease violations, nonpayment of rent, expiration of a written lease, and no cause evictions.

What Rights Do Tenants Have in Evictions?

Can my landlord lock me out? What's the eviction process?

Rule for Possession - Answer to Eviction Form

This resource includes a sample answer form that you can use to respond to an eviction lawsuit filed against you.

Can I Cancel My Lease Early?

Find out more about when and how a renter might be able to get out of a lease before the lease term is over.

Domestic Abuse and Evictions in Louisiana

Louisiana law provides certain protections from evictions based on incidents of domestic abuse. This discusses how tenants can claim protection from eviction based on domestic abuse and when a landlord can evict a tenant even though there has been an incident of domestic abuse on the leased premises.

What Should I Do if I Missed My Court Date for an Eviction?

If a person misses a court date in an eviction proceeding, the Court may enter a judgment of eviction. This article explains some options for people who missed their court date.

Flood and Fire Victims' Rights as Tenants

Common questions asked by tenants who suffer flood or fire damage.

Talking to your Landlord When You Can't Pay Rent

This resource gives you guidance for asking your landlord to change your rent due date or amount, waive late fees, and/or agree not to evict you. This also has a link to a letter creator. Simply answer a few questions and get a customized letter to share with your landlord.

Differences in Landlord-Tenant Law in Louisiana

Residential rentals are governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (URLTA) in many states. Not Louisiana. Here are several important ways landlord-tenant law is different in Louisiana.

Entering and Signing A Lease

Questions and answers about leases and what a tenant should think about before signing a lease.

About Eviction in Bond for Deed and Rent to Own Agreements in Louisiana

The eviction processes for two types of contracts less-commonly used in Louisiana for the transfer of residential property: bond for deed and rent to own.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) site covering topics in: (1) housing- avoiding foreclosure, buying a home, home improvements, homes for sale, HUD homes, senior citizens, homelessness, veterans; (2) fairness- including fair lending, housing discrimination and disabled persons, and; (3) rental assistance- housing choice voucher program (Section 8), Search for an apartment, contact a housing counseling agency.

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