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This category is about landlords removing a tenant from a home property through a lawsuit or force, ways to counter an eviction, or being removed from a shelter, subsidized housing, a group home. It includes evictions from private rentals, subsidized homes, public housing, and housing with rent control.

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Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator

Not sure where to start your legal research? Try the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. Answer a few questions about yourself and your situation to get customized legal information, local court forms, referrals to legal aid, and more. Available for Divorce, Child Custody, Employment Law, and private Landlord-Tenant Law.

Eviction Dictionary

A plain-language guide to understanding words used in eviction cases. Click on the terms to see the definitions and find links to in-depth articles explaining more complicated issues.

Common Reasons For Eviction And Their Defenses

This resource is about landlords removing a tenant from a home property. A tenant may have legal defenses or other strategies to counter an eviction or removal from a home. A tenant can use these defenses to protect themselves against an eviction.

What Rights Do Tenants Have In Evictions?

This resource is about what a tenant can do after they get evicted from a home. A tenant has the right to their own defense against an eviction. This includes living conditions (habitability) and defenses against an eviction. Military service member's protections around an eviction, notice, and procedural defenses against an eviction. Retaliatory eviction defenses against an eviction. Title and ownership defenses against an eviction.

Rule For Possession - Answer To Eviction Form

This resource includes a sample answer form that you can use to respond to an eviction lawsuit filed against you.

Housing Law Protections For Domestic Abuse Victims

Louisiana law provides certain protections from evictions based on incidents of domestic abuse. This discusses how tenants can claim protection from eviction based on domestic abuse and when a landlord can evict a tenant even though there has been an incident of domestic abuse on the leased premises.

What Should I Do If I Missed My Court Date For An Eviction?

If a person misses a court date in an eviction proceeding, the Court may enter a judgment of eviction. This article explains some options for people who missed their court date.

Flood And Fire Victims' Rights As Tenants

Common questions asked by tenants who suffer flood or fire damage.

Louisiana State Regulations Of Rental Housing

This information covers how Louisiana has its own set of laws and regulations that govern landlord-tenant relationships. In Louisiana, residential rentals are not governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) like in many other states.

Issues With Renting A Home

Renting a home can come with various issues that tenants may encounter. This information will provide you with details about the different issues renters may encounter when they rent a home.

Rental Property And Foreclosure Proceedings

This information covers rental property and foreclosure proceedings, which refer to situations that occur when a tenant is renting a property facing foreclosure.

Tenants Living In Federal Subsidized Housing

This information covers the various issues that tenants living in federally subsidized housing may encounter including evictions, rent issues, lease issues, and challenging a home's living conditions.

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