Foreclosure on a Home

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This category is about problems with homes you own or live in, that are going into foreclosure, how to defend against it, and the court process around it.

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Mortgage Closing Scams: How to protect yourself and your closing funds

Learn what you can do to protect yourself from scams during the homebuying process.

Avoiding Legal Problems Associated with Owning Property

This resource includes information about avoiding legal problems associated commonly with owning property.

Mortgage Help for Homeowners Affected by Disasters

After a disaster, it is important to get in touch with your bank or mortgage servicer to get relief. Learn what you need to know about getting mortgage help for homeowners who are affected by a disaster event.

Mortgages for Veterans

This information covers mortgage options for veterans and military service members, including opportunities to get a more favorable mortgage, protections, obligations, and dealing with problems that may arise.

Property Gets Sold At A Judicial Sale For Less Than The Balance Of The Mortgage - Deficiency Judgments

This resource goes over deficiency judgments. This occurs when the total mortgage debt is more than the foreclosure sale price.

Understanding Property Under Louisiana Law

This resource covers information about types of property under Louisiana law. It includes information about what a property owner might own under each type.

What Happens to a Lease When the Property is Sold or Foreclosed on?

This resource goes over what happens to a lease when the property is sold to someone else, foreclosed upon, or auctioned at a tax sale. Content adapted from Southeast Louisiana Legal Services resources.

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