Discrimination Around Housing

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This category covers how a person may be protected from discrimination when searching for or living in housing. This could be for renting or buying a house. It covers what protections the law may give, to people in different demographic groups.

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Public Housing Tenants with Disabilities

What you should know if you live in public housing and someone in your house is disabled. Information about how to cut your rent and about special rights that disabled tenants have.

Navigating the Criminal Background Screening Policy of the Housing Authority of New Orleans

The HANO Criminal Background policy says that nobody with a criminal record is automatically barred from receiving housing assistance unless they are on the lifetime sex offender registry or have been convicted of producing methamphetamines. You should not be denied housing on the basis of your criminal record without being given a chance to submit further evidence about yourself.

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

The Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) is a nonprofit civil rights organization established in 1995 to eradicate housing discrimination. LaFHAC’s work throughout Louisiana includes educational offerings, free legal services for victims of housing discrimination, policy advocacy, and foreclosure prevention counseling. LaFHAC is dedicated to fighting discrimination because it is an illegal and divisive force that perpetuates poverty and segregation, and limits access to opportunity.

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