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Other Housing Problems

This category is about problems that people have where they live, including health issues, environmental issues, security, and other habitability issues with an individual home or neighborhood. It could be for rented homes, a home one owns, or the broader neighborhood.

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Housing Code Compliance

This information covers how a tenant can raise code compliance violations if they think their landlord is providing a rental home that goes against the codes for housing quality standards. It also includes information about protections for tenants from retaliation if their landlord violates the housing code.

What Can I Do When My Landlord Won't Make Repairs

Tenants can use the repair and deduct procedure to make necessary repair(s) and deduct the cost from rent. The repair and deduction can be tricky and doing it wrong can lead to eviction and damage costs. This helps to explain the process including requirements about notice and legal standards. The process as explained will help a tenant follow the proper procedure to deduct costs for a repair.

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