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This category is about financial support to cover costs for renting a home and covering housing costs. It includes vouchers, subsidized housing, public housing, Section 8, the standards and procedures of living in public and subsidized housing (or being removed from it), and more. 

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Common Questions About Leases

Questions and answers about leases and what a tenant should think about before signing a lease.

Flood and Fire Victims' Rights as Tenants

Common questions asked by tenants who suffer flood or fire damage.

Getting A Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher For Federally Subsidized Rental Homes

This covers if and how a person can get federal subsidies to rent a home such as getting a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.

Issues and Solutions for Problem Neighbors

About tenants' remedies for problem neighbors.

Navigating the Criminal Background Screening Policy of the Housing Authority of New Orleans

The HANO Criminal Background policy says that nobody with a criminal record is automatically barred from receiving housing assistance unless they are on the lifetime sex offender registry or have been convicted of producing methamphetamines. You should not be denied housing on the basis of your criminal record without being given a chance to submit further evidence about yourself.

Public Housing and HUD Multifamily Tenants - New Notice Requirements Effective 11/08/2021

On November 8, 2021 a set of new HUD regulations went into effect which require Landlords at the above properties must provide more notice to tenants before evicting them for nonpayment of rent during certain federally-declared disasters.

Public Housing Tenants with Disabilities

What you should know if you live in public housing and someone in your house is disabled. Information about how to cut your rent and about special rights that disabled tenants have.

Subsidized Housing Grievance Guided Assistant

This Guided Assistant tool can help you: (1) understand your legal rights to file a housing grievance, (2) prepare for an informal or formal grievance hearing, and (3) create a grievance letter and ask for an in-person meeting with your landlord or property manager. This tool is not legal advice. This tool does not not take the place of legal advice from a competent attorney licensed in your state and familiar with the law and facts of your legal issue.

Tenants Living in Federal Subsidized Housing

This resource covers information about tenants living in federal subsidized housing. (i.e. Section 8 voucher-recipients). This resource includes information about applicable federal housing laws to subsidized housing.

What to Do About Housing Code Violations

Louisiana state and local laws protect tenants from unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. This article provides information for tenants who may be living in a rented home that violates the state or local housing codes.

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