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  • How do I get food stamps (SNAP)? (FAQs)

    Questions and answers about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called food stamps. Read More

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (New Orleans office)
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  • Update your passport

    This guide provides basic information about how to update your U.S. passport. If you are eligible for a U.S. passport update, the process is relatively simple and can be managed without the help of a lawyer. This guide is intended to provide support to those seeking a U.S. passport update without legal representation. Note: This is for people who already have a passport and simply seek to update information after a legal change in their name or gender marker. Read More

    Lagniappe Law Lab
  • You Should Know: About Your Day in Court (Audio + Video)

    Tips about how to plan for your day in court, especially if you need to go alone without a lawyer. Read More

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (New Orleans office)