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Here are library-friendly information guides called "LibGuides" for some basic legal issues plus free online legal forms.

These new items cover some basic forms for small claims court, modification of child support, provisional custody by mandate and some expungement issues.

Note about automated forms!
Some of the online forms programs may work only in certain browsers. Try Chrome or another browser if you have difficulty with getting an online forms program to open in the browser you are using.
  • Asking a Court to Modify Child Support: Basic Information and Online Form

    Use the Guide to create a court form to ask for a change to child support, also called a "modification" of child support. Read More

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  • Expungement App- Justice and Accountability Center of LA (JAC)

    JAC has created several guides and checklists to assist individuals navigating the expungement system without an attorney. These resources are informational and are not legal advice. Always consult with an attorney about your particular situation. The expungement app will help you determine whether or not you can get your criminal record expunged under Louisiana Law. Although this app does not provide legal advice, it can help you assess your potential eligibility for expungement and help you prepare for a meeting with an attorney. There is no charge to check your eligibility. The app can also generate pre-filled forms to file for an expungement in court. It costs $20 to download the forms. Read More

    Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Small Claims Court: Basic Information and Online Forms for Louisiana Justice of the Peace Court

    This information guide has a link to a computer program you can use to create some basic forms for small claims court in a Louisiana Justice of the Peace Court. The forms are only for small claims courts that are also Justice of the Peace Courts. The forms are not for small claims brought in a city court or other Louisiana state court. Content Detail

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  • Provisional Custody by Mandate

    This guide has basic information about provisional custody by mandate in Louisiana. There is also a link to a computer program that will create a form for provisional custody by mandate. Warning: depending on your situation, you may need additional forms or different forms. This guide and the form do not cover provisional custody by mandate for any other state. The computer program includes the basic form. The guide and the computer program do not tell you what form you need for your particular situation or how to use the form. If you do not know which form or form or forms you need or how to use your form or forms, try to find a lawyer to help you with your case. Content Detail

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  • Where are the Law Libraries in Louisiana?

    Looking to find out where are the law libraries in Louisiana? There are law libraries at the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, and law schools in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Get information here on where the libraries are located and how to access them. Read More