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Living Wills

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  • A Living Will Declaration

    Links to information about living wills from the Louisiana Secretary of State and a living will declaration form. This information cannot take the place of the advice of an attorney, but it may help you. Read More

    Louisiana Secretary of State
  • Alzheimer's Services of Louisiana Legal Planning for Louisiana Residents

    Information about legal planning and contact information for organizations that provide legal and or other help. Content Detail

    Alzheimer's Services of Louisiana
  • A Self Help Guide to Planning for Incapacity

    A self-help guide to plan for incapacity including advance directive forms for Louisiana. By using advance directives, you can control your health care decisions, even if you become incapacitated in the future. You prepare the advance directives while you are capable of making your own decisions. Generally, they take the form of instructions to your doctor, or the appointment of someone to make decisions for you. They can cover specific treatments such as life-sustaining procedures, or be very general and cover all medical decisions. Content Detail

    Statewide Elder Law Taskforce
  • Help for Getting Your Affairs in Order and Preparing for the Future

    No one ever plans to be sick or disabled. Yet, it's this kind of planning that can make all the difference in an emergency. Includes information about: Preparing and Organizing Legal Documents for the Future; What Exactly Is an "Important Paper"?; Steps for Getting Your Affairs in Order; Important Legal Document You May Need as You Age; Help for Getting Your Legal and Financial Papers in Order; Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Affairs in Order Content Detail

    National Institute on Aging
  • Living Wills

    What is a living will? How do you make a living will? The Advocacy Center talks about these questions and others. See this link to the information sheet from the organization's website. Content Detail

    Advocacy Center
  • Mental Health Treatment and Law- Advanced Directives v. Power of Attorney

    A Guide to Advance Directives and Power of Attorney on Mental Health Treatment and Mental Health Law. Mental Health Law is a specialized set of laws that can be found in the Louisiana Revised Statues (La. R.S. 28:1-28:213). It does not contain a specific definition for mental illness, but does define a “Mentally ill person” as any person with a psychiatric disorder which has substantial adverse effects on his/her ability to function and who requires care and treatment. Content Detail

    Louisiana State Bar Association