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This category covers situations when a person may have to go to court to deal with a dispute or violation. This includes the specific procedures to expect for specific kinds of cases, as well as general rules about court procedure to know.

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Common Legal Words, Terms, Definitions, And Processes

Plain-language guided to understanding commonly used legal words, terms, definitions, and other legal processes.

Contact The Clerk Of Court

This resource goes over what the Clerk Of Court is and how to contact the Clerk Of Court.

Filing A Complaint Against A Louisiana Judge's Actions

The Judiciary Commission takes complaints against judges for misconduct very seriously. The Commission usually has no way of learning of possible judicial misconduct unless a complaint is filed. However, a complaint must be properly submitted for the Commission to conduct an evaluation and investigation. A complaint must be submitted in writing, must specifically name a judge or judicial officer (and not simply name an entire court), and must contain enough specific facts for the Commission to evaluate the judge’s alleged conduct. Complaints with only vague and/or conclusory statements will be screened out without action.

Louisiana Parishes, Judicial Court Districts, Clerks Of Court

Find Louisiana Parishes, Judicial Court Districts, and Clerks of Court.

Louisiana Supreme Court

The judicial power of the state, which is the power to interpret the Constitution and the laws of this state, is vested in the Judicial Branch of Government, made up of a supreme court, courts of appeal, district courts and other courts authorized by the Constitution. The Supreme Court is Louisiana's highest court and is domiciled in the City of New Orleans.

Motion for Extension of Time to Respond in a Louisiana Court

Information about filing a motion for an Extension of Time to Respond in a Louisiana Court. Includes a form you can fill out and use, and instructions about how to fill out that form. Remember, using the form does not mean that you will get an extension. The court may deny your motion.

Papers In Your Civil Court Case: Words You Should Know

You may come across some of these words in court. This presentation is based on a resource created with the Pro Se Subcommittee of the Louisiana State Bar Association's Access to Justice Committee.

Rescheduling Or Delaying A Court Proceeding - Motion For Continuance

This resource covers information about a motion for continuance, which is a formal request to reschedule or delay a court proceeding to a future date. This includes a self-represented litigant form to prepare and file when you need a motion for continuance in a family court case.

Rules Of The Judiciary Commission

The Judiciary Commission investigates complaints against judges in Louisiana. It may recommend discipline, but the Louisiana Supreme Court makes the final decision.

The Judicial System: How It Works

Overview of the parts of the American Legal System.

Understanding Legal Service Of Process

Service is the formal legal term for delivery of papers filed with the Court to the opposing party in a lawsuit. Service means that the proper legal officer gives the opposing party the paperwork that has been filed with the Court by the other side. This article outlines the various methods of service available in Louisiana and explains how each method works.

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