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This category is about situations when a person applies to an agency for a benefit or service. It includes when a person needs to go to a hearing for administrative agencies like for social security, labor, health and human services, or other government agencies.

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Filing A Complaint Against A Louisiana Judge's Actions

The Judiciary Commission takes complaints against judges for misconduct very seriously. The Commission usually has no way of learning of possible judicial misconduct unless a complaint is filed. However, a complaint must be properly submitted for the Commission to conduct an evaluation and investigation. A complaint must be submitted in writing, must specifically name a judge or judicial officer (and not simply name an entire court), and must contain enough specific facts for the Commission to evaluate the judge’s alleged conduct. Complaints with only vague and/or conclusory statements will be screened out without action.

Filing A Complaint Of Judicial Campaign Misconduct

Link to the form to report suspected judicial campaign misconduct.

Hearings And Appeals With The Social Security Administration (SSA)

This resource covers information about appealing any decision Social Security makes on your case about whether you are entitled to Social Security benefits or payments. This resource also covers information about the hearing process when you request a hearing through an administrative law judge.

How To Appeal Louisiana Workforce Unemployment Overpayment Collections

This covers what to do when a person finds out they may have gotten overpaid unemployment money. The Louisiana Workforce Commission must give notice to a person that they got an incorrect amount of money. This resource covers ways to pay the money back or ways to contest or appeal the decision. This covers penalties a person might face. This covers issues a person may deal with in allegations of fraud.

The Judicial System: How It Works

Overview of the parts of the American Legal System.

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