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  • Louisiana's Court Structure

    Louisiana's court structure is not complicated. At the appellate level, it consists of a Supreme Court and five intermediate appellate courts. At the trial level, it consists of courts of general, special and limited jurisdiction. Content Detail

    Louisiana State Bar Association
  • How Do I Find the Text to Louisiana Laws?

    Link to the Louisiana legislature law search portal for Louisiana's revised statutes, codes, rules, Constitution, and more. Content Detail

    Louisiana Legislature
  • Take a Road Trip to Legal Information

    This video highlights features of LouisianaLawHelp.org and other sites for legal information. Read More

  • How Do I Access the Law Library of Louisiana Online?

    The Law Library of the State of Louisiana allows citizens to conduct legal research. Before going to the library, check the online catalog or email law librarians to find out if the library has the resources you need. Content Detail

    Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Where are the Law Libraries in Louisiana?

    Looking to find out where are the law libraries in Louisiana? There are law libraries at the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, and law schools in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Get information here on where the libraries are located and how to access them. Read More

  • Where Do I Find Louisiana Supreme Court Decisions?

    Use this link to find Louisiana Supreme Court opinions and court orders, such as statewide court closures. Opinions are available by direct link from the news release corresponding to the date of the opinion's release. New opinions are added as released. Concurrences or dissents released after the original news release date of an opinion will be a separate link with an editorial note on the news release or the opinion reflecting the date of release. Opinions are scheduled to be released on the second day of each sitting of the court. Content Detail

    Law Library of Louisiana
  • Who is My Louisiana State Legislator?

    Link to the site to find out who your state elected officials. Put in your address to see a list of your Louisiana senator, representative and others. Content Detail

    Louisiana State Legislature
  • Asking a Court to Update your Gender Marker

    This resource provides step-by-step instructions for asking a court to update your gender marker. Read More

    Lagniappe Law Lab
  • Council for a Better Louisiana

    The Council for A Better Louisiana (CABL) was founded in 1962 with the mission of improving the quality of life for all citizens of Louisiana. CABL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan statewide organization that works on issues in the public interest. It does this by raising citizen awareness, advancing sound public policies, holding government accountable, and fostering civic leadership. CABL values cultural diversity within its programs, and is dedicated to seeking and advocating for solutions that will move Louisiana forward. Content Detail

  • How to Find a Lawyer

    Make too much money to get a lawyer from a free legal services program, but not enough to pay for one? Check out these tips on finding a lawyer. Read More

    Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (Hammond Office)
  • Louisiana Constitution

    Link to the full text of the Constitution of the state of Louisiana. Content Detail

    State of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Expungement App

    This app will help you determine whether or not you can get your criminal record expunged under Louisiana law. If you are likely eligible for an expungement, you will find resources for pro bono and private attorneys who can assist you. Content Detail

    The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana
  • Louisiana.Gov

    Main webpage for Louisiana.gov site Content Detail

  • Maps of Louisiana Court Districts

    Link to maps of Louisiana state district courts, courts of appeal, and Supreme Court districts. Content Detail

    Louisiana Supreme Court