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This category is about situations when a person applies to an agency for a benefit or service. It includes when a person needs to go to a hearing for administrative agencies like for social security, labor, health and human services, or other government agencies.

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Louisiana Law Search

Link to the Louisiana legislature law search portal for Louisiana's revised statutes, codes, rules, Constitution, and more.

How Do I Access the Law Library of Louisiana Online?

The Law Library of the State of Louisiana allows citizens to conduct legal research. Before going to the library, check the online catalog or email law librarians to find out if the library has the resources you need.

Where are the Law Libraries in Louisiana?

Looking to find out where are the law libraries in Louisiana? There are law libraries at the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, and law schools in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Get information here on where the libraries are located and how to access them.

Where Do I Find Louisiana Supreme Court Decisions?

Use this link to find Louisiana Supreme Court opinions and court orders, such as statewide court closures. Opinions are available by direct link from the news release corresponding to the date of the opinion's release. New opinions are added as released. Concurrences or dissents released after the original news release date of an opinion will be a separate link with an editorial note on the news release or the opinion reflecting the date of release. Opinions are scheduled to be released on the second day of each sitting of the court.

Who is My Louisiana State Legislator?

Link to the site to find out who your state elected officials. Put in your address to see a list of your Louisiana senator, representative and others.

Avoiding Legal Problems Associated with Owning Property

This resource includes information about avoiding legal problems associated commonly with owning property.

Contact The Clerk Of Court

This resource goes over what the Clerk Of Court is and how to contact the Clerk Of Court.

Filing A Complaint Against a Louisiana Judge's Actions

The Judiciary Commission takes complaints against judges for misconduct very seriously. The Commission usually has no way of learning of possible judicial misconduct unless a complaint is filed. However, a complaint must be properly submitted for the Commission to conduct an evaluation and investigation. A complaint must be submitted in writing, must specifically name a judge or judicial officer (and not simply name an entire court), and must contain enough specific facts for the Commission to evaluate the judge’s alleged conduct. Complaints with only vague and/or conclusory statements will be screened out without action.

Filing a Complaint Against Lawyer Misconduct

Link to the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board page about attorney discipline and complaints, including how and where to file a complaint against a lawyer for misconduct.

Filing a Complaint of Judicial Campaign Misconduct

Link to the form to report suspected judicial campaign misconduct.

How to Find a Lawyer

Make too much money to get a lawyer from a free legal services program, but not enough to pay for one? Check out these tips on finding a lawyer.

Louisiana Constitution

Link to the full text of the Constitution of the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Parishes, Judicial Court Districts, Clerks of Court

Find Louisiana Parishes, Judicial Court Districts, and Clerks of Court.

Louisiana Small Claims Court Information and Basic Forms

This information guide has a link to a computer program you can use to create some basic forms for small claims court in a Louisiana Justice of the Peace Court. The forms are only for small claims courts that are also Justice of the Peace Courts. The forms are not for small claims brought in a city court or other Louisiana state court.

Louisiana Supreme Court

The judicial power of the state, which is the power to interpret the Constitution and the laws of this state, is vested in the Judicial Branch of Government, made up of a supreme court, courts of appeal, district courts and other courts authorized by the Constitution. The Supreme Court is Louisiana's highest court and is domiciled in the City of New Orleans.

Maps of Louisiana Court Districts

Link to maps of Louisiana state district courts, courts of appeal, and Supreme Court districts.

Motion for Extension of Time to Respond in a Louisiana Court

Information about filing a motion for an Extension of Time to Respond in a Louisiana Court. Includes a form you can fill out and use, and instructions about how to fill out that form. Remember, using the form does not mean that you will get an extension. The court may deny your motion.

Preparing to be a Witness - Including Deposition and Trial Testimony

This document explains the importance to the American justice system of being a witness, the different kinds of witness testimony, and practical advice.

Preparing Your Small Claims Case

See this brochure to learn more about small claims court and how to prepare for your case there.

Representing Yourself in Court: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Tips if you must handle your legal issue on your own without a lawyer. This document is strictly for informational purposes, it does not include legal advice.

The Judicial System: How It Works

Overview of the parts of the American Legal System.

United States Courts

About federal courts, Judges, Services & Forms, Court Records, Statistics & Reports, Rules & Policies

Virtual Court Hearings

This resource goes over best practices for virtual court hearings for self represented litigants.

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