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This category covers situations where a person represents oneself in court or hearings, as a Pro Se or self-represented litigant. This can cover resources, rights, and options for people representing themselves.

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Common Legal Words, Terms, Definitions, And Processes

Plain-language guided to understanding commonly used legal words, terms, definitions, and other legal processes.

Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator

Not sure where to start your legal research? Try the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. Answer a few questions about yourself and your situation to get customized legal information, local court forms, referrals to legal aid, and more. Available for Divorce, Child Custody, Employment Law, and private Landlord-Tenant Law.

Representing Yourself In Court: Your Rights And Responsibilities

Tips if you must handle your legal issue on your own without a lawyer. This document is strictly for informational purposes, it does not include legal advice.

Self Representation: How To Get Ready For Your Day In Court

See this brochure to find out more about what happens in the courtroom, how to behave, and more.

Understanding Legal Service Of Process

Service is the formal legal term for delivery of papers filed with the Court to the opposing party in a lawsuit. Service means that the proper legal officer gives the opposing party the paperwork that has been filed with the Court by the other side. This article outlines the various methods of service available in Louisiana and explains how each method works.

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