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Understanding the Clerk of Court

Understanding the Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court supervises the clerical functions of the court. They keep records, issue service of process, and enter judgments and orders.

Contacting the Clerk of Court

Contact the civil Clerk of Court at the judicial district court in which your case is pending. The judicial district court number appears on the top of each pleading filed in your case. Here is a link to all Louisiana Clerks of Court

In some courts, there is a separate division of the clerk of court that handles family law cases. You can contact the civil or family section of the clerk of court by telephone or in person.

  • You may not find a telephone number for a specific civil or family section. Instead, you can call a general telephone number for the clerk of court. Tell the person who answers that you need the civil or family division clerk.

Information You Need When You Contact the Clerk of Court

When you contact the clerk, have all the details of your case nearby. These important details should be at the top of the petition:

  • case number;

  • section or division of court, which may be a letter or a number; and

  • party names

After you provide the case information, the clerk will see the documents filed in the case. The clerk can give you the title of filed documents or tell you whether a document with a certain title (ex. "affidavit of waiver of service") has been filed, and can tell you the date on which the document was filed. The clerk may be able to tell you of any scheduled hearing dates and times.

The clerk cannot give you legal advice or tell you about the legal status of your case.

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