Rule For Possession - Answer To Eviction Form

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Information about Answers to Evictions

This is a sample Answer to an eviction lawsuit (called a Rule for Possession). This form includes many possible defenses- which defense, if any, applies to your case depends on your particular situation. Check only the boxes that apply to you.

You should always check with the court clerk to see if there are any fees that need to be paid when you file documents with the court. If you can't afford the filing fees, you may be able to file for free using Louisiana's In Forma Pauperis laws. Learn more about IFP or fill out your paperwork using this interactive tool.

This form does not replace advice from a lawyer. It is best to try to get legal advice or representation, if you can, before filing papers in court.

Next steps

After completing these forms, your next steps are to:

  1. Review your forms for correctness.
  2. Call the court to determine your filing fees.
    • If you cannot afford the filing fees, use this interactive tool to prepare an IFP or "fee delayer" form.
  3. Find a notary and ask about their notary fees.
  4. Sign your documents in the presence of your notary.
    • NOTE: If you are also using the IFP or "fee delayer" form, you'll need to bring two witnesses with you to the notary.
  5. Prepare attachments or evidence and make three copies.
  6. Serve your papers on the landlord/plaintiff and complete the "Certificate of Service" part of these forms.
  7. File your documents with the court as soon as possible. 
  8. Attend your hearing and defend your case.

Eviction can happen quickly.

As soon as you are served with the "Rule for Possession" a trial can happen as quickly as 3 days. To avoid a default judgment, file your answer as quickly as possible and be sure to attend your hearing.

Find help if you can.

There are free legal service organizations that may be able to help you defend your eviction or give you advice. Use our Referral Navigator to find programs in your area that you likely qualify for.

Eviction Answer Form

Last Review and Update: Nov 02, 2021
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